The service Shining Star Sleep

The service Shining Star Sleep offers is fantastic. Nathalie is calm, incredibly knowledgable and I’m so grateful for her help! I had got into a bad habit with my two year old and was having to lie with him for a long time before he went to sleep and he continued to wake in the night, which I was finding exhausting. He also had a dummy which I was struggling to take away. Nathalie is so helpful and explains everything very carefully during a first consultation before going away to work up a bespoke sleep plan that works for you and your child. She then explains what to expect and continues to check in frequently as you implement the new sleep plan. After just one night my son’s sleep had already changed and in less than a week, he was able to get himself to sleep and sleep through the night. And I’m so pleased it has continued – it’s made a huge difference to me and the whole family. Nathalie was also very supportive but firm about the dummy and I listened to her sound advice which has meant that it was easy to take away and he hasn’t asked for it since. I can’t recommend Nathalie enough!


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