Caroline & Oskar

Nathalie is amazing! She understands the science behind sleep and she has a wonderful, pleasant demeanor that makes it very easy to work with her.

Nathalie gave us back our life. We consulted her after 11 months of sleep deprivation. Our 11 month old was waking up to 6-8 times per night and would only take the bottle in order to get back to sleep. My husband and I were desperate as the sleep deprivation was impacting our relationship, our ability to parent, and our jobs. Our quality of life was miserable.

It seems like Nathalie is a miracle worker, but in reality, she gives practical advice that makes sense and that works. By making the changes Nathalie recommended, our child now sleeps 12 hours per night and we are a normal, functional family again. I still cannot believe that my now 12 month old gets himself to sleep and stays asleep through the night. I am equally impressed that our son stopped needing his milk after a few days on his new sleep schedule!

This was the best decision we ever made for our family. Working with Nathalie has been such a pleasure and I will definitely recommend her services to our friends. When I think about the change she affected in our lives, I realize the help she provided us was priceless.

We highly recommend Nathalie. She is a life-changer.


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