10 months

My daughter was 10 months old, and she had to be pushed in the stroller to fall asleep during the day and she was using a dummy. Her naps were completely unplanned and random and sometime we had to push her in the stroller for up to 1 hour before falling asleep.

I spoke to Nathalie who provided me with a very clear  schedule and thorough guidelines to follow for few days and she clearly laid down how to behave as a response to different reactions.

After just few days of following Nathalie’s instructions and being in constant contact with her, my daughter started having a proper nap routine and she stopped using the dummy all together.

I am extremely grateful to Nathalie for giving me the confidence to follow through and for her support throughout the changing process. Nathalie is flexible and she doesn’t apply the one method rule to all but really listens to your story and adapts her plan to your family’s habits.


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