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Caroline & Oskar

Nathalie is amazing! She understands the science behind sleep and she has a wonderful, pleasant demeanor that makes it very easy to work with her. Nathalie gave us back our life. We consulted her after 11 months of sleep deprivation. Our 11 month [...]

14 months

Hiring Nathalie as a sleep consultant for my baby was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. My little girl learned to self-soothe within three days and I never could have imagined that. It was incredible! I had read a couple of baby sleep [...]

10 months

My daughter was 10 months old, and she had to be pushed in the stroller to fall asleep during the day and she was using a dummy. Her naps were completely unplanned and random and sometime we had to push her in the stroller for up to 1 hour before [...]

2 years

We were privileged to be one of Nathalie’s first clients and found the whole experience very positive. She is super professional, driven and flexible which allowed us to get to the final goal; she was extremely supportive and responsive at all [...]