The perfect package for babies up to the age of 4 months. Laying the foundations of good sleep habits from the first days of life ensures that your baby will be falling asleep with ease and sleeping through the night by the time they are developmentally ready. This program is not about getting your child to sleep through the night as they still need to feed frequently.

During the consultation I will explain the importance of sleep and self soothing, how to form routines from the start and most importantly, give you the reassurance that by following this plan, your child will be able to form healthy sleep habits from the start. I will also give you advice on sleep problems that might arise as your child grows and the best ways in which to cope with them.

  • Preliminary Evaluation
  • 60 minute consultation (Skype, Phone or Face-to-Face)
  • 3 weeks of support – 3 x 20 minute scheduled follow up phone calls + unlimited emails and WhatsApp (response within 24 hrs)