My philosophy

Having gone through the extensive training and mentoring program that comes with becoming a Certified Sleep Sense™ consultant, I believe in a gentle approach to getting your little ones to sleep. The Sleep Sense program is based on the idea that in order for your child to be healthy, they need healthy sleeping habits. My background in psychology (BSc University of London) combined with the Sleep Sense™ training provides me with a broad understanding of the importance of sleep as well as a clear understanding of the best ways in which to implement change.

It is important for me to work closely with families to gain a full understanding of their concerns and work along their parenting style in order to achieve the best results. After the initial evaluation call and a detailed questionnaire, I develop a customized step by step plan. A number of things are taken into consideration such as your child’s age and development, current routine and your family’s requirements. The consultation is a time for me to explain the sleep plan in detail, to make my clients feel confident that they understand every step as well as giving them the opportunity to raise any concerns or questions that they might have.

When it comes to changing sleep patterns, most parents number one concern is crying. Crying is your child’s way of protesting change, and because we will be making changes to their routines and habits, parents should expect that there will be some crying involved. However, I want to assure you that you never have to leave your child to “cry it out”, and I would never make you leave your child alone if that is not something that you feel comfortable doing.

The Sleep SenseTM program is approved by the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants (APSC). APSC strives to promote the highest standard of practice for the professional sleep consulting industry throughout the world. If you have any questions about the philosophy behind the Sleep SenseTM Method, please don’t hesitate to ask!