About me

Before the arrival of my first son, sleep was never something that I had to think twice about. Everyone kept on telling me to “sleep a lot now because you won’t be sleeping when your baby arrives”. After the birth of my son, I quickly realised that what all my friends and family had been saying was true! Our sweet little baby was never sleeping! After the first few weeks had passed, and reality sunk in, I was more exhausted than I had ever been.

By the time he was 5 months, my son was up anywhere between 6-8 times at night. At that point, I realised I had to do something about it because it felt like I had hit rock bottom. I was short tempered, couldn’t concentrate, I felt resentment towards everyone around me. I just felt like I couldn’t be the best version of myself that I wanted to be for our son. I read most of the books that had been written about sleep, I searched online and asked all my friends but the information that I got was so confusing and contradicting that I still had no idea how to solve our son’s sleeping problem.

Working together with a sleep consultant changed our life! She provided us with helpful guidance and strong support. It was with her help that we managed to get our life back on track. Within just a few weeks my son started sleeping through the night, he was taking two long naps every day and was a much calmer and more content baby. This experience made me realise that I could have never managed this transition by myself.

With the birth of my second son I felt like I already had more knowledge about the science of sleep and I could start him off on the right path from day one. He was calm and happy and as soon as he was developmentally ready, he started sleeping through the night.

A passion for sleep, and especially for helping other sleep deprived families, was ignited and I signed up for the Sleep SenseTM training which is one of the most extensive and professional sleep consultancy trainings in the world. I feel that this training, as well as my background in clinical psychology, is a great match and has helped me gain a greater understanding of the importance of sleep, not just for babies but for the family as a whole. I am so excited to be able to work along wonderful families who need support and guidance in order to get their babies to reach their full sleep potential. My approach is very gentle, and I believe in the importance of a strong parent child bond in order to reach the best results.